Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Regional Beef Meeting

Doesn't seem like it has been that long ago that I blogged but time has a way of passing too fast. Tonight I was at a Regional Beef Meeting hold every year to elect a director from our district to represent our area at the Indiana Beef Cattle Meetings which are held once a month at the office in Indianapolis. Pictured above is Dr Ron Lemenager who presented this evenings program on feeding livestock (Nutrition and Management Considerations Winter and Spring) The two gentlemen are beef members.

We served a Prime Rib dinner with all the trimmings Maybe some of our folks come for the food.
Saw some of our Farm Bureau folks that were in Atlanta, Ga. longer than expected. Glad they made it back in one piece. Must have been pretty bad. Was in Nashville Tenn one time when it snowed and everyone stayed put until it thawed it was afternoon before you could leave town.
The weather is different you don't know what to expect.

This is part of the fairgrounds and the Lion's Club have their meetings here every week


  1. Ann, I wish I would've known you were there...I was too! (The reporter with the camera taking pictures during the presentation...its a dead giveaway!) Its always nice to put a face with a blog and I'm bummed I missed the chance :( Thank you for the meal, too. It's always outstanding!

  2. Sounds Yummy! Wish we had more cattlemen/women up here so we could have a meeting of our own!