Friday, January 28, 2011

Ann's Musings Animals Rights and Monsanto

Today I went to the The Livestock Forage and Grain Forum.   I went to the programs that were  on beef.
In my listening to a panel of Cattlemen on" Marketing Your Cattle" I hear a Cattleman by the name of Doug Smith
from Silver Towne Farms what a person to have meet.  This fellow loves his cows.  He told me some stories just made me want to cry.  How a person would go to those measure for cattle.  Well some people would say that but this man has passion for his job.  
He was in Calif. one time and ran into a woman they started talking about  the vote the state was going to take on animals rights  She told him she was voting for it.  He ask her why?  She said did you see the Downer  Cow with the fellow and the whip?    And the poultry film?  He said Yes.   He told her that all women should be put in Jail and she said Why? Did you see the story in Texas when the Mother drowned her children?
Well this is the way people see reality  After she heard his story  She will vote with him for his cause because it is the right way.
We need to keep telling out story in the most positive way we know how.  Just tell our story this is the way our farmers live. This is our life.

I want to congratulate all the folks in Indiana that received Grants from the Monsanto Company.
Thank you Monsanto for giving back to the farming community I know all the participants will use the money wisely. 
I think I have said enough but if I run into Doug again this story may be continued.  What a day!


  1. Great analogy about the women! People need to see how their reasoning needs a check now and then!

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this and I can't wait to use this analogy and will give Doug Smith full credit!!!