Monday, January 24, 2011

Hunk of Meat Monday

Looks like dinner is ready just add the potatoes or a starch and your vegetables and we are ready to eat in the followings I will explain what I do to make cube steak with milk gravy 

 Leave the drippings in the pan and make a wonderful milk gravy  not cube steak without gravy.  I also want you to know I always use olive oil to fry anything.  I even use it in cookies and cakes have been happy with the results

 I start with a nice piece of round steak trim off excess fat   Score the meat with a knife then between  2 pieces of plastic wrap pound to make thinner like you would for making a pork tenderloin.

 Drench in flour and you can use your favorite seasoning 

 Enjoy your Monday and enjoy the food that is available to us that is grown or raised by our own Indiana Farmers. Thank You!!


  1. Ann! thanks again - Oh! you have given me my new favorite quote for Motivational Monday!!