Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ann's Musings

Well I signed up for the Livestock, Forage & Grain Forum which will be held on Jan 28th. Jim and I  look forward to being there.  You always learn something when you attend these forums and we all could use some new information and ideas of how others are farming and raising animals.  Maybe I will see some of my blogging friends.
Cris Goode had several goode(no punt intended) articles  in the Winter 2011 publication Indiana  Soybean and Corn Review.   

Needless to say we are waiting for our next round of snow fall.  I hope all this snow  is replenishing some of the water  we will need this spring when we go to plant our crops.

We must remember God has the Master Plan and we need to talk to him to get the answers.  


  1. We are up here wondering where the stuff will fall this time! Don't think I will make the brown bag tomorrow.

    I'm with you on putting more moisture back into the ground! We certainly need it!

    Walked my two miles today :-)

  2. I think I might be going to the luncheon for the Livestock & Grain forum. I went last year and thought some great information was provided. Hope you stay warm during this next snow storm.

  3. Going to see you there!
    Made a little powerpoint and going to be on the producers panel in i believe the second break out session... exciting!

    Big hugs