Friday, January 7, 2011

Always a Great View

Need I say more the view from my kitchen window is very peaceful. Not sure what they are picking at but they have round bales in the other pasture. There is a creek that divides the pasture and they won't cross when there is any ice on the water today they are checking things out.

I am off to the Fair and Festival Convention this weekend. To see old friends and make new ones.
We haven't received any snow as per the weatherman. Maybe later this weekend.
Take care until next time


  1. Our Benton County Fair Board will be roaming around down there too. My hubby went once, then decided to just let the other guys go. They kind of make a crazy weekend out of it.

    Love it when the cows are in the east pasture, and I can see them from the kitchen and now our new sun room!

    Have fun!

  2. Love the pics!!! Always nice to see cows outside.