Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flowers for Spring

 Just wanted to share some flowers that I keep over the winter.  This geranium was a hold over from last summer started blooming last week I went ahead and put them out because they can take some cool weather not below freezing.
 This pansy is from our local garden show where the Master Gardeners sell pots of pansy
My buttercup is a wildflower from the woods that has been coming back for 20 years every year.

Every fall I plant several daffodils bulbs and they come back year after year

 A beautiful magnolia tree 2 years ago a storm came through in the night and tore the top out of this tree our bedroom is in this corner of the house scary night. We were going to cut it off at the base because it was ugly but I didn't have the heart so it has come back on its own.
 I worked at the Daffodil Society booth at the horticulture bldg at the state fair and I was given these for working.   They are short about 8 inches have double flower and very pretty the single is below  Stop next year and gets some of their bulbs.

Pansy from the garden show

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