Saturday, October 9, 2010

Summer Sunflower

This is a picture of Summer Sunflower I entered it into the Fall Foliage Art show in Martinsville since it is ou Fifty something festival runs 4 days and tomorrow is the big parade very nice and a lot of fun for families A lot of food and some booths of everything we don't need.

I am going to donate this picture (that I got a blue ribbon on) to State Representative Ralph Foley from my district Every year I help him with a fund raiser at the Thomas Winery everyone seems to enjoy the fellowship, food and wine.
I am also his co campaign manager. He has made a good gentleman in the state house.

I am teaching a class in Indy on Monday so tomorrow I have to finish organizing what to take with me. Hope the class go off without a hitch.

Thanks for reading my Blog I enjoy sharing
Take care


  1. Love it! The more we learn about you, the more we see that you are a Jill of all trades! You do so much! Have fun with your class!