Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recycle Material Art Exhibit

Recycled we all hear about recycling papers, soda cans, composting just to name a few.

Art Sanctuary in Martinsville( decided to have a recycle exhibit. These are pictures of my recycled garden angel. She has a lot of reused things about her. The post is carved and I bought it at a flea market this summer. I plan on donating her for a fundraiser in October. Take care until tomorrow


  1. So pretty! Love your creativity. BTW- I saw some of your gourds at Hunter's Honey Farm :)

  2. Cris. Thanks for the nice comments

  3. Very cute! I hope she has her hat firmly on her head~ it's VERY windy at my house today! Brrrrrrr!

    Way cool that Cris found your gourds, and that I got to see them from her post!