Friday, October 22, 2010

Gnomes are in Style

These little guys are my new project. Yes they start as a gourd and by using clay or quick wood they turn into fun creatures. I think children would love to play with clay and make some cute little fellows you can also make a snowman with a scarf and hat. This was a class I attended last week but didn't get posted without my camera battery. I got the battery.

We got done harvesting on Monday. Sure is nice never remember being done this early before but things are lined up to get done before winter.
The cows are in the fields around my house so I can view them from west and north windows so nice to see. Sure miss them when they are moved to another pasture. The corn field to the north is the winter pasture and calving area in the spring for the cows. Makes it easy to check on the girls.

The weather sure is nice for those still in the field
My son took the semi trailer to Ohio this morning and he saw 3 combines that had been in fires this fall. I hope we do get the rain before we have more field fires not much pasture left so corn field are being utilized for more hay.

Hope all had a good week and a family weekend planned

Always nice to see the FFA young folks out and learning new things. Hope they stay safe as well.

Just a reminder to all please get out and Vote

Until another day

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  1. Oh Ann, these are adorable! We may have to work out a shipping method so I can get some for Christmas presents!

    We were in Indy today to take the girls to the Zoo and Indiana State Museum. We saw TONS of blue corduroy! What a great sight to see among all the others we took in!