Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Painting Painting Painting

No I haven't left town or fallen off the bridge but life sometimes gets to busy to follow along on this blog. I am still reading your blogs as I can.
The barns are part of a quilt that we (Decorative Artist ) paint every year and 1/2 the proceeds go to Riley Children's Hosp. I have always painted a square the deadline for the Quilt is next Monday. It will be laid out at the church we meet at in Speedway. And then sent to be quilted by someone else.

Also the little sunflowers gourds were from a tour group that came to Hendricks County. They were from Illinois and very nice to work with. Mayberry Cafe in Danville In. was the meeting place. Gave a program and had a drawing for the Birdhouse that I painted and each person got to take a mini sunflower gourd that appears about.

I will try and keep up the blog but Christmas shows and other obligations will keep me busy
Looks like we are in for some cooler weather but this is Indiana and tomorrow the weather could be a lot different
Take care until we talk again

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  1. Love your barns! Hang in there! Tis the season for little elves to be crazy busy. If the little gourd people are stressing you out, don't fret about it. I'm thinking the combine was the calm place to be as I get ready for both girls' birthdays this month, Thanksgiving, and then all the Christmas festivities! Hugs!