Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ann's Musings Washing Machine

I want to talk about the washing machine. I believe there are some tall people who read this blog. When I purchased my washing machine I would throw in the jeans and when I opened the top there is was the clothes were all holding hands. They would wrap up around each other it looked like a rope. One day I got mad and called my washer manufacture and ask them was there a way to prevent this . For anyone who has had this problem here is the answer. You drop your clothes in piles around the wringer. Like I can get 4 pairs of jeans and a few shirts in the washer this is a top load. No more untwisting the clothes now they come out without all the wrinkles.

I don't know if you read my blog on Monday. It was a beautiful day and I planted 4 mums before they froze and cut my English Ivy back and raked the leaves around my back door. Between my garage and back door there is about 10 feet in the fall leaves gather and when you open the door they invite themselves into the house .
When I was eating supper I looked down and noticed my wedding ring was missing. Oh no did I take it off looked in all my pockets thinking I might have, well I haven't found it yet and tried to check all the things I did but no ring. Went through as many leaves as I could no ring. Today I am trying to find someone who might have a metal detector and knows how to use it that might help find my ring. Anyone who has a suggestion please fire away. Need to find this ring. Yes it is insured but I don't want to file a claim if there is another way out.

Take care until tomorrow


  1. Oh No! I am so sorry. I think you are going down the right path with the metal detector. Another idea is to go out at dark with the flashlight to see if anything shines back at you. If the shiny thing is moving, I would beat a hasty retreat to the house just in case the shiny things are skunk eyes! Just trying to make you smile a bit. The flashlight idea is a serious one, the skunk part was the smile part ;-)

  2. Oh, I hope you have found it! I like Lana's flashlight trick... I was going to suggest the same thing in the sunlight. Good luck!