Friday, November 19, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Today I got my hair cut and then went to the store. Just to pick up a few things.
Well I got started and couldn't stop bought most of what I will need for Thanksgiving Day
I will cook dinner that day.
Speaking of turkey I bought a 20 pound Butterball the others looked just as good, but my
Mom always bought Butterball and I guess she must have been talking to me at the time.

My Mother is on the other side and she was 99 years and 7 months when she left this earth she was a great lady. Will always miss her.

I always put my Turkey in the oven the night before about 12:00 and by 6:00 in the morning the Turkey is done. Then I am ready to bake rolls
I let the yeast rolls rise over night they get nice and large I put them in cupcake pans 2 per cup make about 3 dozen double rolls. I use the Rhodes frozen yeast rolls used them for years just love the way they taste and rise.
I will try and bake the pies and maybe bake a cake on Wednesday

I am having my carpet cleaned on Wednesday so this might be challenging to say the least.

The shop is open tomorrow and I have some ladies coming to paint so I had better sign off for tonight
Until next time


  1. You are so organized. Mom is "doing" Thanksgiving this year, but I am supposed to take on my grandma's famous Ice Box Yeast Rolls. Stay tuned!

  2. Lana you will do just fine I am sure

  3. That's an ambitious Thanksgiving! We always brine our turkeys. This year, we are roasting one and frying one.