Monday, November 22, 2010

Had to have some cookies

Some days you just need that good cookies with the chocolate and has a great brown sugar flavor. There is some where in my blog that gives the recipe for you to enjoy. A warm cookie where the chocolate is warm and gooey You can't get that at the store.

I am wanting to start my Thanksgiving baking but I am a few days ahead of my self. We will probably have a few cookies left for Thanksgiving but I like fresh desserts for special occasion's
As I said before I got the Betty Crocker award in High School. Just stuck with me. Isn't that where we start a lot of out habits good or bad.

Hadn't said anything for awhile but I enjoy reading all the other blogs when time allows

You never know when you will meet someone different I went passed the shop tonight and there was a car in the drive way. I stopped in to see if they would like to go in. It was a young woman and two children boy and a girl. Come to find out the lady was the Nanny and she and the children just like to go around after school to have something to do. I invited her down to get a warm cookie and see the farm animals. They really enjoyed themselves The young woman is from Cal. and will be going back home in Dec. Maybe we can stay in touch I have her phone and I will talk to her again. Her family raises goats in Ca.

Take care until later


  1. Your cookies look great! I love them gooey right out of the oven!

  2. Now I am hungry for cookies - gonna go make some! And I am with you - I love fresh desserts for special occassions as well!

  3. What is it with cookies???? Is there a conspiracy to knock me off my good eating habits train? ;-) They look good, and what a nice tool with which to make a new friend!