Sunday, November 14, 2010

Statewide Annual meeting

I will be in Indianapolis for the annual meeting of Indiana Statewide. The theme is Together We Can. We will discuss how the election will effect our coops and your electric bills. I know that the CEO's that run the electric companies are committed to what electricity is going to cost the American people. We are different than IPL or Duke as they have Stockholder that they have to answer to, we are owned by our customers we are a coop just like an farm coop or a growers coop.

We will have a trade show so we can learn about some of the latest supplies and materials used in our business. Also will include people who supply business services like outages reporting or printing.

I have not found my ring but I have a fellow with a metal detector who came to day and will come back on Tues. I am still hopeful that we will find it.

Take care until we talk again

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  1. What are they saying about the wind turbines. Dang! I am sorry you have not found your ring! I will tell Steve to put in a good word to St. Anthony! I think that's the right saint for missing or lost things. Hugs!