Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful Weather

Today is a perfect autumn day cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. I decided I would rake up more leaves and that lead to removing about 3 feet of English Ivy (By the way if anyone would like to have some I would be happy to share what I have) These are the before and after pictures My son came by and ask me if I was making room for the snow this winter The is right outside my back door

Hope everyone got to spend sometime enjoying this weather. Even driving in the car you can feel the warmth of the sunshine.

A couple of weeks ago Lana at started this cleaning and organizing thing. So I am working on my Studio and I am on my second day got sidelined by the beautiful day we are having.
I will watch Dancing with the Stars tonight, I can clean while I watch. It is going to get interesting because there aren't as many dancing
A couple of week ago we had a power outage and my neighbor called to see if I had power. Well we did but he didn't. They wanted to watch dancing with the stars I told him he could share my TV but since he didn't come over I called him to let him know who got voted off.

Until we talk again Take care and smile at someone today they may need a smile.

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  1. WE are hitting the cleaning road again tomorrow. It is great to be able to do stuff in front of the TV! I have a ton of pictures to sort and organize after the birthday parties are done! For now, though, the TV and I are only going to be occasional friends. I do have DVR, so I will also go back and watch what I have recorded once the dust disappears around here! ;-)