Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Nice Pot of Persimmon Pudding

This is the persimmon pudding my husband likes. He wanted a second helping of the pudding that means it must be good.
Here is the recipe

Persimmon Pudding

2 c persimmons after running them through a colander
3 c sugar
4 c of flour
3 eggs
1/2t soda
1/2t salt
8 c of milk I use 2%
1/2 c butter
Mix together cook 3 hrs or longer
until it cooks down and is like mashed
Bake 375
Stir every 15 min in the last 1 1/2 hrs
Serve with cream or milk
Very easy to make I like for it to get that golden color makes the house smell good.

Again the trees are loaded with persimmons and if it frosts this weekend my yard will be a mess. We have 3 trees. Everyone is welcome to call to pick them up.

This is ready to eat
This is right before it went into the over

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  1. Looks so good! I wish we had tome to run down. I remember having a persimmon tree at the first farm we lived on. Mom made some awesome goodies from the fruit!