Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Day at the Hook In

This is what greeted me as I drove into the Hook In I also have another picture of Wendy Millers rug I didn't think the other picture did it justice Wendy Miller at The RedSaltbox in Attica In

The other pictures are of four rugs that are 16 by 14. I committed to have a Hook In at the antique store on Nov 20 You may pick your choice of rug pattern. It will be a 6 hour class and you will have a finished rug I hope. Remember I am new at the rug hooking.

I bought a small kit today it is a sunflower on dark red background then I went by the library to get a couple of books maybe when I have some time I can get to hooking.
Take care and stay safe

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  1. Let me know more info on the one at your store - if I can get away I would love to come!