Saturday, September 4, 2010

2008 and Now no Rain

Our weather is unpredictable. One year we get 14 inches in 24 hours and now we have had 1/4 inch in 2 months.
These pictures are of the Guys trying to save some of the cattle that were caught in the flood of 2008 we lost 11 head. This is another story.

This brings me to the Paragon Homecoming a little town down the road 4 miles which was also flooded almost every house. Most of the town has recovered rebuilt or remodeled FEMA bought out some and they are being torn down. This homecoming is like the 47th year. They always have a Parade Marshall so this year it is a neighbor who also is a retired Farmer. He has sold his home and farm. He will have a auction in about a week and move to smaller quarters. Have a great Labor Day weekend

Until we talk again.


  1. I hear ya on the rain. This Spring we couldn't wait for it to quit raining and didn't finish in the fields until the 4th of July. Now we couldn't get rain to save our lives. We have had like 2 inches in a month. Gotta love Mother Nature.

  2. For reasons known only to our Maker, we have had a good year with the rains. Timing is always so critical in farming. The only thing that our abundance of rain messed with was our hay cutting. I think we will only get one cutting this year, but we have enough from last year to be good for this winter.

    In the past few days, we have had about 1.8 inches of rain, and (according to my husband farmer!) that will help even out the beans and get us ready for harvest in the next ten days or so! I'm just hoping we get out of the fields before December 10. That was our finish date last year. That harvest was way too long! Some farmers around here did not get the last of their corn out until this spring! Imagine having to drive by your corn in the field all winter! YIKES!