Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ann's Musings Old Stuff

In the pictures I uploaded today are some of what I would call farm treasures. Only in an old farm shed or barn would you find these things. We have new sheds there aren't old tools like these and you have to be born before a certain time to know what they were used for.

Some 30thy years ago I would have liked to bring them in and hang they on my wall but then when you went into the barn there would be something missing. So I left them there and as you see they are still there today and will be there until the building comes down by The Farmer or an act of God. I guess we should enjoy what we have from yesteryear's.

We have started combining beans yesterday. I am sure we all will be going strong this week.
Hope for a safe and prosperous harvest for all our farmers


  1. Is this early for combining for you? I haven't seen anyone combining around here yet, but we're "scheduled" to have an early harvest!