Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Every store I have been in the last couple of weeks it is all about Valentine's Day

Today I baked some cookies with red sugar on them. Took a bag of they to my daughter so she and her family could enjoy them also. Since I enjoy baking it is nice to share with the family.
I finished my rug hooking project tonight. Now I have to get some binding or yarn to finish.

I have purchased some blue and white yarn to knit a scarf for the Super Bowl 2012. Anyone who would like to knit a scarf please go to Super Bowl 2012 Scarf and get the information or email me and I can get it for you. This will be a fun project.

Tuesday night I have signed up for a class on the Backyard Bird Count which is coming up real soon. I know several of the birds but thought I would take this workshop to refresh my counting. It will be fun. I have about 6 feeders around at different windows so that I may watch them. I also have a Cooper Hawk that waits on my little birds

Take care and enjoy the weather.

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  1. LOVING the weather, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you Miss Ann! Enjoy your birds!