Thursday, March 7, 2013

Barn Report

 This is the kind of winter that really bothers farmers that have animals.  Wet cold snow you name it we have had some.  This is about the 3rd calf that got to  come to the basement.  We have a pen made just for that as you can see nothing but mud  I could ring water out of his tail.    With a hair dryer and a brush and 3 hours he can out looking pretty good.    The one thing is to not loose his scent because the cow could refuse to claim the calf.    He is back in the pasture with mom and I hope she does her part  I helped her all I can.    This is the human side of raising cattle.  The guys work real hard to see that all are nursing and don't have the  scours  which is the S--ts in animals if you are not familiar with that word.
I enjoy doing my part to keep thing running with the cows.   This is number 15  I remember that on March 10 a few years ago we had 9 born that was a crazy day
 I was going to go to a Blogging meeting that is held  about once a month but with this mud I will have to catch them next time.  Want to read other blogs about farm life  try some of the ones on the right side of my page.  
Take care and stay safe 

looking better

waiting on a ride out of here

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