Monday, March 25, 2013

winter is still here

 Winter is in the air with 5 inches of snow by the way it is melting fast.  These 2 were caught yesterday during the storm.  During the wind yesterday one of the feeders was swinging so far it was hitting the tree base  I went and cut it down before it kill one of the birds  they were trying to eat and holding on for dear life.

snow last lest night

He was cold and wet to close to the creek and the guys brought him in to go through the hair dryer and warm up 

10 hours old

This is the pen we keep in the basement for this reason I believe we have had 5 calves not all have a happy ending as once they get chilled it is had to bring them back.  This fellow is doing OK he will go back to Mom soon.  We also have corn stalks that we unroll in the field for them to lay on but they want to go off by them self and have their baby.  When the barometer falls so do the calves.  That is the way life is even cattle.
We can add another 4 to the barn count
Take care until another day stay safe

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