Monday, April 18, 2011

New Fellow on the Farm

Here he is.   Nice looking fellow,  in this picture he wouldn't look at me until  the camera flashed.  Then he got curious and wanted to see what I was doing.  Then I went in the barn with him so I could get a better picture.   He will have his own herd  as the other two will share since they get along.  Bull will fight to the end to have dominance over the other bulls.  This bull was born in Jan 2010 he is young his first  season.  Yes he is Angus.  He is a Stewart Select Bull (.  Their farm raises Angus cattle and have for many years.

I am trapping again got a raccoon this morning.    Yesterday I saw a ground hog at the grain bins and I am after him  I will relocate them to the state park about 6 miles from me. Since it is baby season  I don't need a bunch of baby ground hogs.    If I can find a picture  we had about 6 ground hogs pups in the barn lot  they were so cute  Had a hard time protecting them from 2 legged people.
 Enough for now the 5 minute rule


  1. Ooooo! Those ground hogs can be very mean and nasty! I commend you for relocating them. The ones we catch do not make it too far off the farm!

    Jr. looks impressive. Hopefully there was a fence between the two of you!

    Angus beef! Yum!

  2. I don't think i ever saw a ground hog! raccoons i know! haha

    The bull looks great and if he is from January 2010, he's big!!!


  3. Nice looking bull - I really like bulls, they always stand so proud!

  4. No fence. He has been around people not like some Bulls. He drives nicely. But you should watch what you are doing. Hubby was with him later in the day checking him out.He will be good

  5. Well he looks like a very nice bull. Thanks for posting pictures of him and I hope he services your herd well.

  6. Looks like an awesome bull you got. I am sure he will add a lot of value to your herd.

  7. That is one handsome bull! I'll just say be careful... A close friend was attacked last summer by a "tame" bull and was in the hospital for 10 days with a broken leg, broken ribs, and lacerated liver. Watch yourself (and him)!!