Friday, June 10, 2011

Mud and More Mud

 Mud up on the frame and there is the cleaning tool.

 My green beans are breaking ground.  Hope they don't break their necks.  Will hoe before sundown or it will rain on them
 This is last year pumpkins that have sprouted.  Never had them volunteer like this.  Maybe it was all the rain made the seeds wet and sprouted.
This is Fern's ( Mother in Law) hoe  which she gave me before she left this earth and the spike I got from  Aaron ( Father in Law)

Would like to see a cooler temperature but corn grows in hot weather. 
Have a great weekend


  1. My beans are still in the bag! Maybe I can get them planted this weekend. I know some farmers are just getting theirs in the ground. Maybe this way they won't be ready at fair time when everything seems to want picked. I imagine the sweet corn will be ready about fair time. Oh well, like I said earlier, there is always something going on at the farm!

  2. i know! it seems like there is no end to this rain!

    This morning my mom and dad had litteraly a RIVER in front of their house...