Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sad Story

You know we talk about all the good things about raising animals.  Well there are some bad things we don't like to talk about.  Maybe I should say  a  calf that  doesn't  have all its body parts.  I guess they are like us in that sometimes things go astray  and not all is complete.  It is a heifer  who has no tail just a dented in place  and after looking farther at her,  she is also missing a eye.  She is very unstable and hard to feed.   Maybe she will surpass her handicaps.   Hubby was at a beef meeting yesterday  he showed her picture around and some had never heard of being born without a tail.   If she lives to go  on the pasture maybe we will  need to invent her a tail.
Going out of town for a couple of days to Illinois to a bank meeting.  Hubby is going also  We are leaving the guys here to get thing moving  I hears the weather is going to be  beautiful to boot.
Go for that walk!!  Until the next time.


  1. Sorry about your calf. Maybe she will defy the odds and grow up to be a great heifer and even a mom. Have fun on your get away and hopefully the good weather will follow you over the state line!

  2. Sorry to hear about your calf. We have a lot of calves and sometimes we do have one that is missing something like your's. One time we had one who didn't have a leg and we had one that had a hole behind her ear. Luckely this doesn't happen often and if it does we make sure the calf doesn't suffer and we will put them to sleep.

    Thanks for sharing