Saturday, March 5, 2011

Water and Creeks

I  am going to Indy in about a hour to join my Hubby who is attending a fair convention. 
Stay dry and on high ground.  We are getting the ground moisture replaced and for the grain farmers that is  a must.   After last year in our area no  measurable rain for 8 weeks did a number on our pastures.  


  1. ooh, that would scare me, too. We haven't had any spring flooding yet...waiting for the snow to melt in Minnesota.

  2. It's getting marshy around here too, and we don't have a creek! (or "crick" as I like to say!) We did have a bit of snow Saturday just to whiten things up Sunday morning. As much as I didn't want to see any more snow, it did look prettier than all the mud. It melted in the sun yesterday, so now we are back to various shades of muddy green/gray.