Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Car

I know it has been a week since I posted but business is taking a front seat in my life at this time and I had a garden show last weekend. The pansy's are so pretty just had to but a few. I have 3 shows scheduled for the month of April starting with the Indiana Gourd Society in Greenfield at the Hancock County Fairgrounds It is a great show of how talented some of our Hoosiers really are. Date is April 1. 2. 3 Well worth the drive out to see.

Time does fly when we are having fun.
I got to tell you a story about another of my projects I have been looking for a new car I started after the state fair last year. So I thought I found it but just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something to drive around. So I am settling for another Town and Country Van. I signed the papers last night. We were going through the cars features and I was sitting there and realized that it had black interior and I said to the salesman I could't buy this car because of the black interior. I think he thought I was kidding but after about an hour they were on the computer to find me one with a light interior. I tried to tell them this is a vehicle that is driven on dirt roads. Hauls lunch to the farmers in my house and they will get in the car and have lunch. I transport from one field to another. Just another farm vehicle. They have no idea how much dust a farmer can carry on himself. His clothes, hair , hands in fact he is a cloud of dust if you pat him on his shoulder. Just part of the job
Have a great day!!! I get to go to an oil painting class at the Brown County Inn


  1. Amen from a farm girl who has a black interior! Not text time if I can help it!

  2. so did you end up finding the car with the interior you want???


  3. Yes they did find me a car Westside Chrysler has found a van in Wi. and they were to go and get it yesterday They are to call when it is ready light Greystone inside