Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ott A is right

Just had to share this little nest  I was walking in the yard with Zeus and a bird flew out.  Later I came by and could see she had 4 blue eggs.  Went back this am and took their picture.  Robins just don't care where they build their nests this is just 18 inches from the ground.  We have found them on the planter over night they build and we have to move them.  This is a butterfly bush that got hit with the frost last week  A lot of my flowering shrubs have brown leaves.  My hydrangea  bushes are the worst don't want to cut because these bloom on new wood.  Hoping they will come out again. Any one got advise for me on this bush??
The rain went around us and we are in need   Hope some of you got rain hoping for rain this weekend.


  1. Well it is that time of year I guess. Hope your Hydrangea's come through, mine look a little peakid too.

  2. Mine took a direct hit too. Guess it's just not going to be a good year for them. The lady at the green house said if the plant is still green, it's just going to look like crap this year, and will hopefully grow out of it next year. Crazy dang weather!