Saturday, May 5, 2012

Warmer weather

 Well it has been warm for the last few days I guess  that is good the corn is all in but not all up.  Hoping for no surprises in the weather as we had a hard time getting enough corn to plant.   Everyone  around us are planting corn or soybeans the planters are on the move.  We had a few wet days and couldn't plant.
You know I like to paint on things and not canvas  This is a picnic basket and now it can be used for magazines or to store anything.
The photo below was taken with a cell phone sorry for the wire that is my chimney and  3 geese landed on  the chimney before they could get the picture of all three there was only one left.

Tuesday  is election day in Indiana it is very important that everyone get out and VOTE every vote counts.  Please go to the polls Senator Lugar need our vote
Have a great week

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  1. Amen on voting for Senator Lugar! Our corn is coming up, and we started planting beans yesterday. One field down and 5-6 to go. Be careful out there! I hear goose is pretty darned good roasted! ;-) I'm sure it's been well fed!