Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy Fridays

 Last night I planted my tomato plants.   I planted 10 of them  Hope they survive this cold spell.  I decided to not plant green beans and visit my local farmers market each week and see what they have to offer. It is a lot of work to plant and weed a garden.

The picture below is a full house.  I went around the house to fill the bird feeders and there they were all four eggs hatched and it is crowded in the nest.  Today when I went to check on my tomatoes there was one just  jumping in the grass trying to get away.  Hoping my dogs don't bother them.

Congratulation to Amy and Hubby  at A Latte' with Ott,A . 


  1. So funny this post popped up was just thinking about you! Hope all is going well - I am so wanting to get down to your store soon - take care!

  2. I was just thinking I should start filling my feeder again. Our oldest is taking photography in 4-H, and some golden finches might be good subjects for her. I'm with you on visiting the farmers' markets this year. The garden just isn't going to happen...on well. Take care.

  3. Ann, I planted my garden tonight and reduced my tomatoes to 10 plants total also. Last year I had 27! I have more pepper plants this year.