Friday, June 7, 2013

Horseshoes Of Hope Equine Academy

The ramp to help riders to mount the horses
 Remember this last week I said I was going to a Farm Bureau Ice Cream Social   I got a lot more then I bargained for.  This place called Horseshoes of Hope is fantastic what a great place for those who need their services and they have some much to offer.   When John Lambert talked about some of the stories of how the horses are used as therapy just like we use the dogs and cats in nursing homes or hospitals or to greet the soldiers when they come home from serving their country.
I would like for you to go to their website and look around so much information.

There are openings for the  Therapeutic Summer Sessions  which starts June 11.    We all have friends and family where our children have Autism.  The Autism Foundation has a scholarship program that is on this website. Contact John Lambert at 765 352 9000 he will be happy to tell you what they do and the stories are amazing. They are located at Bradford Woods on State Road 67 between Martinsville and Mooresville In.

Take care and stay safe
This is Susan sweeping the floor Always work to be done

This is the indoor arena  there is also a  outdoor one that is 90 by150

Waiting area for family members and there is viewing of the arena on the left side

Susan leading this horse out for some sunshine and exercise

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