Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Water and Herons

 This first picture is a vulture stalking the grain bins hoping for food   I hope nice or rats. By the way he is taking off.
 When I went to take Mike some lunch I drove past these birds.  When you see them in your field you know the water has been there way too long. It maybe August before this dries up and then it is to late to plant anything.  Same old story every year.  Knowing  that I saw them I will watch for the nests next winter to see if there is a colony somewhere in the tree line in those bottom fields.    There was one on each  sides of the road don't know if they were together or had a nest in the trees.
For those who want to see a colony of Herons nests  turn on Highway 45 out of Bean Blossom go a couple of miles and you will see them in the distance on your left. Next time I go over that way I will take a picture and post.

Deb and I are having a garage sale  cleaning out  so have to go help Sale is Saturday June 9 til???
At the old shop on the corner of Bain Rd and old 67 Martinsville 765 342 8097
Take care until next time

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