Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still following wildlife

 The rain sure has fallen the fields have ponds in them in different areas but I know we would have loved to get this when it is dry in the middle of the summer  So I am not going to complain.  Weather isn't one of the things in life I have any control over so I will leave it to the Master he is all knowing.
 I am so thrilled to see a Pileated woodpecker come to my  feeders has showed up everyday this week  I hope he will stick around for a while.  The Grosbeak was back this week not sure why that was. He is welcome anytime.  There  are so many young birds not necessary small the larger birds are hatching and they have a hard time trying to fly following Mother bird with their mouths open waiting for food.
 This  rabbit was here in the winter He left paw prints in the snow you could follow his foot steps the dogs would follow also .  Not sure where he lives
 Went down to one of the fields and this lonely Mallard was foraging for food  this water tonight is double in size from  what it was the other day.   Waiting for the wet areas to dry so they can be planted.  
The Red-winged Blackbird think he owns this feeder his wings puffed out and his mouth open complaining to the other birds.

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