Monday, June 3, 2013


How many times does a Robin make a nest and lay eggs?  Today Mike took a Steer to Mooresville to have it butchered.  When he returned home the trailer was parked a football field length from where he took the trailer at 8:00 this morning.  He returned the trailer at about 4:00 pm and he knew that the nest was still there and the birds were gone from the first time.  When  he put his phone up to look into the nest to his surprise there were these three eggs.  That trailer went to  Mooresville and back and sat by the shed all day.  Tonight I walked out to see if she found the nest and yes she was sitting there like nothing had ever happened  that poor bird.   Could this be the same Robin or do they reuse others nests.    The other birds hatched and fledged by May 19th.  They had taken a ride on the trailer but there weren't any eggs yet to move cattle to pasture earlier this year April 22.
I will keep an eye on these eggs  we will see how many birds use this nest.
Hope the sun continues to shine as we have several acres of hay on the ground.
Take care and stay safe  

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