Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going to see friends

I know this is a commercial so to speak.  But I have a new internet service  and it is AtM-Internet  it is so fast I can't leave my chair when I go to download a picture it is there.  Their website is you may check with them and they will let you know if they can give you service.  I am excited because we would have to wait about 10 min for every minute of video.    You-tube would take forever  now we are in the drivers seat.
Can't wait tonight to come home and play with my new service.
It is cold outside we have been spoiled by the warmer temperature  kind of enjoyed but back to reality.  

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  1. So nice seeing you tonight! Your blog post was the first thing that popped up as soon as I got home from the meeting tonight!
    So glad you caught me tonight if I had got home and read this and not got to talk to you I would of been upset!!!!