Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeding the birds

 I was watching the birds on Sat and boy were they in a hurry to get something to eat.  With the weeds,   brush and grass covered in ice they didn't have much of a choice but to come visit me.  That is the reason I feed birds as I like to watch.    Some are so mean I would like to pop them.  We had a 100 year old fir tree taken down and my piliated woodpecker is gone also.  Maybe some day he will return.  
In the pictures of the finches red and yellow  their color is still outstanding I was wandering if the warmer winter had something to do with that? 
The cardinals like to feed in the covered feeder it has a screen bottom and holds a gallon of sunflower seeds

This year I have counted 6 pair of cardinals

This red finch has a lot of red for this time of year

Yellow finch

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  1. Dang it! I forgot to go out and fill my feeder today! It's on my to do list for tomorrow! Can't believe your yellow finch still has his yellow showing. Mine all look like sparrows this time of year!