Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful Flowers

 These are from my front and back yard and the smell is wonderful.  I didn't realize the Phlox had that much of a scent.  I have had Fox glove for  5 years and this year there are none not even one.  I will have to start them this year so they will bloom next year.

Hope we have a nice crowd at the ballgame.  Maybe the wind will blow and keep us cool
Until next time take care

This is from a Hummingbird bush they are so tall this year.

Since I hadn't planted planters I decide that I would plant this seed box from an old JD planter 

Obedient Plant


  1. I need to add a butterfly bush to my flower beds, but I'm not adding anything until the fair is over and it decides to rain again around these parts! We are trying to water every other night, but I'm thinking it's going to be every night, at least until Thursday when the Benton County Fair starts and rules my life 24/7 until the end of Sunday! Beautiful flowers!