Monday, July 25, 2011

County Fair are for Everyone

 Yesterday we went to one of the many county fairs that are going on in Indiana  maybe other states also.  I saw this cart that I thought it would be great for the children and all the stuff we like to take with us. Sure was easy for the children to get in and out.  It rained like crazy on the way over hoping we may get rain but not enough to wet the drive way.   Maybe tomorrow or when God is ready
This is one of the children's rides

This is where we got a sandwich The Pork Producers  were serving the food

another ride


  1. I love county and state fairs! Such fond memories and good times!

  2. It rained on our fair Saturday twice and Sunday morning. Saturday's second storm laid down some of the corn around the area including a few spots in some of our fields....sigh.....when it rains, sometimes it pours!