Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dyeing Wool for Rugs

Fabric dye
 No I am not making Jelly but I am dyeing some wool for rug hooking  it was the tan color and I added magenta dye and came out with the pretty deep red  which I like.  It takes awhile to do the process so I baked cookies while I was cooking my fabric.  You know women can multi task. 

after dyeing


This is the dye and nothing can be used for food after using to dye

My sugar cookies until  twomaidsamilking.blogspot.com had them on her blog  Amy even has the recipe check it out.  Wink Wink!!


  1. I think this is so interesting. I've always thought this would be fun to try.

  2. Well that turned out great! And so did the cookies!!!


  3. You have multi-tasked well my friend! Awesome job!