Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flooding in the US

 I was watching the Flooding this past week or two and it just seems to be worse as the years go by.  Between the Tornado's and the rains it is sometimes hard to believe there is someone in charge.

These are pictures that we went through in 2008  when the rain seem like it would never stop.   Moving cattle to higher  ground.  We lost 11 calves and 1 cow  never did find them.  Lost the fences just droves the cows down the county roads.  Thought I was out west on a round-up but the water made me think otherwise.   The bridge is just west of my house.  I felt we were lucky because people lost their homes and have never gone back the county has bought them out and the houses were tore down.


  1. I agree it just seems to be one thing after another!
    That top picture - is that your tractor and planter? Chris cut that out of the Indianapolis Star and was pretty sure it was yours (you know every farmer knows every other farmers equipment)it just amazed him that something like that could happen so close to home.

  2. Yes it was. It took a couple of weeks to get to it to pull it out JD went through it and was not too bad. We went through the planter and had to replace some parts.

  3. So sad! And your right it never seems to get any better! We just had a crazy storm here on Friday and spent all of Saturday going from one piece of land to the next...