Friday, October 18, 2013

Master craftsman

 This is a nest that the guys found in the bottom of the grain vac which they moved to our house from one on the storage barns.  It  is made of sticks and green moss  as in the below picture. The nest cavity  is 3 inches deep and 2 inches across.   One of the nicest ones I have ever come across.  The bottom is weak because it was inside the piece of equipment.  Should I take it back to that barn  it doesn't look used .Would there be a bird that builds a nest for this time of year?  The nest is 17 inches by 13 biggest nest I have seen.
  I don't move a nest  unless it comes in a piece of equipment or they start one on a planter in the spring.
Joni James a bird expert maybe you can weigh in on this Blog 
Check out her blog if you like nature.
Tomorrow I will be at Bradford Woods south of Mooresville with the Childrens Festival and they will be doing gourd art.  Wonderful place to visit only open to the public on special occasions bring your camera   Maybe I will see you there. Until later

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  1. Looks a lot like a Carolina Wren nest. You can dispose of it. The bird would likely make a new nest if it chooses to nest in the same location. Their nests are pretty cool looking. They are a great bird to have around.