Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trapping again

Doesn't he look sweet.  This little fellow has moved dirt all summer long has quite a few tunnels under and around the grain bins.  We have tried to catch him and it has taken 3 humans to finally get him tricked into going in.  Last week we caught a raccoon and he was standing there talking to the coon when my son went to check the trap.  Needless to say we were glad to see he was in the trap today.   I took him to the park near Paragon and when I let him out he didn't go forward like all the rest that I take there but decided to circle the truck and I was in the bed of the truck when I saw him make a u-turn and come my way.  He circled the truck and then headed for the road crossed the road and started eating grass. 
We have been cutting beans and hauling them to Bunge while we have time.  When you cut beans you have more time to do other things like work ground and plant wheat .  Got that done I always like to see wheat in the winter it is pretty and green.   Now we have rain and I figure we will go back to picking corn

Please pray for the Cattlemen and Farmers out west such a devastating  thing to loose all the cattle, sheep and other animals God Bless them all  Take care until next time.

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  1. You are a good naturalist! These guys do not get released around here....but then we really don't have a woods to take them to. They can get very mean when cornered, and that's hard on the kitties. Beans done here, and now waiting just a bit for the corn to dry off after yesterday's wet stuff.... I think they call it rain????? ;-)