Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peden Farms Childrens Festival

 Today I was a volunteer at the Peden Farms Childrens Festival  It is a joy to see all the children wee ones to 2 or 3 grade.   As you can see there were eggs displays and all the fowl that produce eggs.   Questions about beef cattle.   Soybeans and all the things and food that comes from them.  Making butter by shaking cream in a jar and they had crackers to let them taste real butter

We have another day tomorrow it is near 37 in Bloomington.  Joe's Mom and Dad started and they have continued to have these outings so school children and others can come and find out more about farming and animals I have more pictures and hope to show them tomorrow.  The Peden children will continue this tradition some day as they were  there and participate in the festivities.  Until tomorrow I will continue this story.
We are picking corn and it looks like it will be good.  Long nights early mornings  Until later, take care.

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