Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walking on my County Road

Golden rod  I think is beautiful and I like the smell  looks pretty with purple asters
 Nice crisp morning no meetings no place to go but enjoy a quite morning.  Went for a walk on the county road and these are some of the things I saw.   Harvest hasn't started  for us yet, but will soon.
I hope my readers will please answer some of my questions marks
I know harvest has started for a lot of farm families so please be patient with the moving of equipment
Take care and have a great week!!!
Angus talking to another Angus bull across the road

I am the other bull

vine? I don't have all the answers on all these plants

Chinese lanterns ?

This is what we call the branch  a stream in one of the pastures goes under the road in fact it has a new bridge

Even the geese think we are a flyover state seem several the last 2 days

Please guess ?

Oak sapling in fence ??

Wild phlox

Dried Queen Anne lace

Guess what this is??

Dove outside my kitchen window

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