Thursday, August 19, 2010

State Fair Visit

Last time we talked I mentioned a quilt. Monday when I was at the State Fair I sold tickets for this beautiful quilt. It is a shadow box design with panels of different birds. All hand-painted and hand quilted. Since 1985 this group of artist( Indy Decorative Artist a chapter of Society of Decorative Painters) have done a quilt with half of the proceeds going to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis the other half go to the education of the members.

The Red-headed woodpecker is the square that I painted.

Another event at the State Fair is a visit from the National Geographic Magazine. They are here to do a story on Children and their Animals sounds exciting. We all need to watch the news stand for our copy of the story. I have some pictures of this visit will publish later.

Sounds like the hot weather will return soon. Stay cool.


  1. Looks beautiful! I will have to hurry up to get out there and see it sometime.

  2. What a beautiful job you did! That's great the NG is coming to our fair to do such a great story. We need that kind of good PR in our business! I will have to keep an eye out for it, but you help me look too!