Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Weekend

Today has been one busy day. Mowed grass and trimmed butterfly bushes they were getting really wirey the blooms were all spent. Hope they will come back for another round this year the butterflies really like them. Allot of the flowers are dying since we haven't had rain in a month.

I went to Clay City to pick up some mini gourds just didn't have enough for the fall. These are dried and ready to paint. In Sept I will go to Ohio to the American Gourd show to pick up the gourd that I use to make the birdhouses. I will meet my supplier from West Point, Miss. A nice fellow had cancer last year but he is doing well. I will get some pictures and story later.

Last weekend I will be going out to the Fair to say good bye for another year. I will attend the Queen contest and a couple other dinners that are fair related. I hope they break their attendance record from last year. That would make Cindy's day

Looking at the DTN screen we have some good looking rain headed our way just hope it come by our house.
It would be like Santa at Christmas

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