Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Thought maybe if I said it 3 times we might get more rain. We did get a little over 2/10 of inch.

The guys are unloading hay that we picked up when it was 100 degrees outside allot cooler this morning.

Lana spoke about not being able to cut hay from the wet weather. We have cut most of our hay for the last time and got it all up without getting wet. Don't know which is worst. The old saying is "Rain Makes Grain" They are right I hope we got enough early to make that happen.

Going to the State Fair for the last time be back Monday. I want to take the Architectural Trolley Tour of the Fairgrounds I have my camera with me hope to get some pictures
Have a great weekend Stay safe

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  1. It rained this morning while the girls and I were at Saturday morning soccer! Wooo! Watching and playing soccer in the rain! At least it wasn't very cool, so it was tolerable!