Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picture None Today

Seems like everyone is very visual and I also like to see pictures. They have all been very good The kids and Cows, Out West, Modern Day Farming Statue at the State Fair. You are great!!

This heat has my Big White Dog enjoying the air conditioning. She is in my studio it may be hard for her to go outside again Sure hope this is short term The animals are coming in to the State Fair today and thru the next few weeks. The heat in the trailers has got to be real hot maybe they can find a air conditioner for the stock trailer. You know they have them in people trailers
why not for our animals.

All for now will write again soon

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  1. Good point! I pray this weather cycle breaks soon. we have not baled the first bale of grass hay this year! Tall Guy says by mid week next week we are doing it come heck or high water, and after tonight's downpour, the high water is already here!