Friday, March 2, 2012

Where have I been

Dallas Clark Colts  player was a guest at the Forum
 First off I want to say how sorry I am for all the damage that has happened this day in Southern Indiana.
Tornadoes are terrible to have to go through.and the clean-up is tremendous.  We have had three of them but none as bad as what is on the TV.

I have been so busy not sure which way to go.  We are moving our store to town that is taking a lot of time
Below is a picture of  two gentlemen in the Beef Cattle Business  One on the Right is Bob Petterson and in the middle is Kenny Ramsey.    Mr Ramsey received the Bob Petterson Award at our Annual Indiana Beef Cattle meeting that was held last Sunday night.  Mr Ramsey is ninety some years young as he still flys his own plane.  It was a night to honor several cattle people. The next day we attended the Soybean and Corn Review.  For all producer groups in Indiana sharing the costs helps make a better forum  and it was good.
 This is my beautiful orchid that Hubby gave me a couple of years ago and this is the third time it has bloomed.  I sure think they are beautiful.
Enough for this time I will post  pictures of our new store another time.  Take care stay safe.


  1. Hi Ann,

    I LOVE orchids!!! And i am glad you had a good time. We are having really bad winds but so far that is it which i am grateful for. I just saw the news and yes very sad an very frighting.

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Can't wait to shop in your new store!!!