Monday, March 12, 2012

Paper box tutorial

  The picture below shows the lid of the box.  I will give you instructions on how to accomplish this.  
 In this photo Suzie is wetting the napkin so she can tear with a ragged edge. Separating the designs   
finished lid

In this photo  take two pieces of tape rub on your clothes so they won't grab and tear.  Place tape on outside face of napkin it easily comes apart  make sure you only have one layer of napkin to lay on box.

tearing apart

We have just spread a medium on the box where you will lay the napkin (which by the way has already been painted in a nice soft color you may change with the colors of your napkin)  We used JoSonja's Clear Glazing Medium  If you use a varnish it may be too sticky.  Modge podge is made for this purpose but it is too thick.    If  you can't find a glazing medium I would try a drop or two of water in the modge podge.   Then lay the napkin in place and lightly brush over and you are done. Makes a great gift for Baby or in the right designs for wedding gift.  You can google JoSonja it is available on her website     

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